Monday, December 20, 2010

My story :)

17.7.2010. My happiest day :) .i'll never forget this date sweetie.This is the day that i've fall in love with you kan?hee :D

I woke up in the morning n then p on fb.kboringan.bru blik dri london th ari.after a few minutes chatting with some of my friends and cousin.There's a girl named hafezatul hanis showed up in my friend request list.I accept her to be in my friend list :DD .Actually,i already starting to like her when she send me friend request.ive checked her fb profile soo many times. :D.biarla kan?x mara juga.ahahah.sepa2 ja yg add ak pn d 'accept' ja.ahahahaha!thn c hafe ni mula suda comment2 gmbar ak time d london.pegang camera.senyum and my eyes were gone.haihh.npa la stiap kali snyum trus ilang ba mata.but c hafe p comment ' urmm ok,ur soew cute..haha. . aqib:haha .thx :) .u too. hafe:ak??ak beysa2 jrk.hee. aqib: mnda ~cute baa . hafe:thx..ckyt g mw mletup gara2 kembank.haha.xda ba.*hahaha, mletup knu aa showmell :D* aqib:hahaa .kiks :p . hafe:thx 4 de like..nyway,ur soew it.*aa.lupa suda.apa yg ak p like tuh.hee.swry :p* aqib: haha .u too . hafe: oh god,i'm goin' to b ur fans..haha.kidding.*when she said this,at last.i was laughing and keep smiling :) .at this time,she's starting to change me bit by bit.* aqib: lols .hahahaha .u'r funny :p . hafe: seryuz,ak fanz kw nee.hahaha.xdala,t gf kw mara plk.*bby xda gf ba time ni* aqib: haha .xda gf yaww .single ba nee .y all ppl say i gt gf liao ? =.= .hafe:coz ur soew cutee,tkkn la xda oewrank mynt.haha. aqib: haha lols .i dunno liao .ak anggp ak ne xda org minat jaks .hahaha .*to tell u the truth sweetie,i've never think for a girl to have intrest in me*.'
After this.she's starting to chatting with me using the chatbox :D .banyak laa sweetie p tnya ne.mcm2 ba soalan.ahahaha.kan sweetie?biasanya bby mls mw lyn ba org yg bnyk tnya ne.but since i like you already.x rasa malas suda mw jawab soalan th.mkin suka plak bby jawab suwmaaa soalan yg sweetie tnya :) .then we continued chatting for hours and hours.she kept asking me question until evening.i didn't relize we already chatted for hours :) .its soo much fun to chat with you sweetie.spotting lgi tuh.ahaha!when she said 'kw ada mw tnya pa2 ka?tnya ja suwma.i'll answer all your questions.naaa.time ne mula suda bby malu2 xP .my heart beats faster and faster.hee! .*malu plk mw ckp :pp* .i keep asking her some lousy question that i duno what the hell i'm asking her now.wkakakakak!then i asked her 'what kind of boy do u like?' .after she told me her answer,i remembered i said this 'alaaaa.suwma ak 1 ja teda :( ' hee!mula suda mgurat sweetie ne :D .thn banyak laa bby tnya soalan budu2 tuh.lupa suda apa bby tnya.thn sweetie mac mw bby tnya sweetie lgi.thn i ask you ' single ka?' .thn lupa suda apa sweetie ckp.hmmm..klu x silap sweetie ckp 'yea' tuh.and thenn ,haha!eee.malu ler i :pp .sweetie tnya lgi bby 'anymre question?' .hmm..time ne bby malu ba.hee.nasib baik bby brani ckit :) .i ask you this 'if i ask you to couple with me?' .thn ntah apa sweetie ckp.yg bby ingt panjang tuh.lpas th sweetie tnya lgi balik 'ada lgi yg mw d tnya??' .bby ckp 'i need your answer?'trus bby ckp 'i like you actually'sweetie tnya bby balik 'why do u like me? i answer it without wasting my time and tell you my feelings :) .i said 'cuz i love you' .hahaha! ee.malu lerr.thn u said 'oh gosh!so gentleman..'trus sweetie tdiamm skjap.sweetie tkejut ka?ahahah!and than i say 'so its a no ?ak tau la ak ne ndk hnsem ba' .trus sweetie mcm maraa jak.u said 'sepa ckp?my face turn red already..soo i say YES' .eeeeeee :DDDDDD .when you said it sygs..its like i was the happiest guy in the world.hahahaha!tpi yg pelik.i haven't have your phone number at all :pp .lpas kta couple bru bby minta kan?ahahaha.sot ne.

p/s:Sweetie,you're the girl that gives me hope to live and you're the reason why i'm still here :) .You gave me such happiness that no other girls can give me.Lot's of girl in the world..but i choose you.Why?cause i love you <3

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