Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Stupidity of me

on Monday,suddenly come my DAMN fucking mind to say those fucking words that hurting her.I don't know why i said those things.Am i INSANE ?antar p bukit pdang.hmph.Since then,she's hurted,angry and asking for break up.I don't want it.I'm very regret for what i've done to her,what i've said those things to her.I didn't mean it.seriously..After that she didn't reply my text,she didn't answering my call.I call soo many times.She turned off her phone and im crying like a girl begging for forgiveness.*Guys,Don't ever say hurting words to your girl or else you'll ended up like me*.Seriously i really don't wanna break up.I promised her that we wont break up,doesn't matter what happens.I'm keeping my promises cause i love her soo damn much.I don't wanna let her go.I don't want to leave her.There's already few times i broke my promise.and i'm so damn STUPID to broke it.I keep crying and crying.I can't stop.she's really angry.Then she turned on her phone and aswer my call.I keep saying 'sorry,i didn't mean those words.i'm sorry*while cying on the phone with her*.Then she turned off the call and text me 'yala2.give me time' .I still crying.I can't sleep whole day.I bang my head to the walls.I punch my head for a few times very hard..My head hurts.I don't care cause i'm very regretful.I was nearly faint.But i don't want her to worry about me more.I'll be a burden to her.I don't want that happen.So i tried to calm down for a while.I stop crying.I can't forget it until now ;'( .I pray to god to let her forgive me for what i've done.

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